Free Coins

You already know that there are several ways to get cryptocurrency coins for free. We will tell you about each of them in details in our articles. And we will always try to give you the maximum number of such opportunities.

On this page you can get crypto coins for free by following a few simple instructions


General description

  1. We provide several coins of your choice and their list will change from time to time. You can see them in the table above

  2. Each currency has its own limit on the amount that you can receive in one session. This limit is indicated in the table for each coin

  3. Each coin has its own session duration, within which you can receive the specified number of coins once. You can also see this period in the table.

How it works

  1. To receive free coins, you need to go through a simple registration on the exchange website. This will allow not only to receive free coins, but also to participate in further promotions and bonus programs of our exchange.

  2. In the line of your chosen currency there is a button "Receive". Click it if it is active. If this button is not available, it means:

    1. At the moment, receiving coins is impossible (the daily limit has been exceeded). In this case, you need to go in a few hours. In the near future, we will launch a functionality that will automatically inform you that your chosen coin has already become available. keep for updates

    2. You have already received the available amount and the session has not yet expired. Just go again after the specified amount of time (column "Time left")

  3. After clicking the "Get" button, a new window will appear periodically. It will contain a small instruction on how to place our link in a message on your social network. There will also be a window for entering a link to this message in your social network with our published link. It takes 30-40 seconds.

  4. The User Care Service checks your publication with our link and at the same time your wallet will be replenished with the specified number of coins.


  1. After spending 3-4 minutes on all actions, you have the opportunity to receive free coins an unlimited number of times. Nice bonus for the time spent on our site.

  2. Visit us more often, read the news on social networks to get new opportunities and new sources of income. We are constantly working on this and we will have something to surprise you. Welcome!