Buying and Selling Stablecoins with Fiat Money

With the help of a network of chosen users, BCEX Money Exchange has made it possible to buy and sell Stablecoins via bank payments to local and international accounts, or payments via other ecurrencies such as Perfect Money.

To use this service, you need to create a BCEX Money account.

Before start filling the form, please login.

Selling Stablecoins for Fiat Money

With the help of the network of agents and selected BCEX Money users, you can sell your Stablecoins and receive fiat money in any bank account (which is approved by our agents).

To use this service:

  1. Fill out the following form in all details (you need to be a member at BCEX Money Exchange)
  2. In the selected users’ system, a ticket will be created for you, and one of the users will be chosen to reply to your ticket.
  3. If your conditions, such as amount, type of bank account, bank, etc. are approved, you will receive the cost and conditions in the ticket. We will be in contact with you via the ticketing system, if there is need for more information.
  4. If the amount, conditions, and time for the chosen service are approved, you will deposit the agreed upon amount in your BCEX Money account and send confirmation via ticketing system.
  5. The Stablecoins will be deducted from your account, and equivalent fiat money amount will be deposited to your bank account. The receipt will be sent to you via ticketing system.
  6. If there are any problems or disputes in this process, BCEX Money will guide you along the way.

Important notes:

  • The bank account can be under the name of the seller or any other account. The important point is to provide enough information about the account to our agents. If there are no issues, your request will be accepted.
  • To use this service, KYC is not necessary.
it should be in the IBAN format or other similar formats


  1. This process will be under full observation and arbitration by BCEX Money.In case of any dispute, it will be resolved based on the arbitration by BCEX Money.
  2. In the stages of transferring proceeds to bank accounts, it is necessary that the bank account owner’s information matches with the BCEX Money account’s information.
  3. These services are active for certain Stablecoins and in certain countries. Both of these will be developed gradually.